Committee members

  • Shoushan Tower (National & international affairs)

Phone : +61 406 105 904 I was born in Kirkuk, Iraq and arrived in Australia in 1969. Here I completed secondary schooling and followed with a diploma in Advanced Accounting. In 2005 I completed bachelor of Business – Accounting and employed in a manufacturing industry as a company accountant. I am pleased to have the opportunity to be part of a group that supports the Assyrian community in our homeland where the Assyrian language and culture can survive.

  • Nora Michael ( Secretary)

 I was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait and arrived in Australia in 1992 where I completed my schooling. In the year 2000, I commenced my Arts degree at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Politics and International Relations and Philosophy. I went on to complete my honours in Politics and International Relations in 2005. Upon completion of my undergraduate studies, I began my graduate law degree at the University of New South Wales and was admitted as a lawyer in December 2008. I am passionate about preserving the rights, livelihood and culture of Assyrians all over the world. Whether being of Assyrian, Chaldean or Syriac origin, we are all one people. I believe that it is our duty to assist our Assyrian brothers and sisters in the Middle East if we are in a position to do so. We must unite in our aims to help one another, preserve our language, our culture and our faith.. I pray that one day there will be peace in Iraq.

  • June Jako ( President )

 I was was born in Baghdad, Bet-Nahrain. I completed a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology, Baghdad. Arrived in Australia in 1984, completed further studies and worked for the Australian Defence Force. Currently I’m self employed as a building designer (Architectural), and operating as a Master CAD Designer. Being part of the Assyrian Aid Society – Australia, gives me the fulfilment of my ambition to help our people in Bet-Nahrain. I’m also extremely proud to preserve our treasured Assyrian Language by teaching our children at the Nissibin Assyrian Community School in Sydney.


  • Nenos Shemoon ( Treasurer )

Phone : +61 408 965 763 I was born in Mosul, Nineveh and arrived in Australia in 1992. I did my HSC here and completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) degree at University of Sydney in 2000. In 2008, I got my Masters in Accounting degree from Macquarie University. In 2010, I completed my Chartered Accountant program and am now a full member of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountant. I am married and have two children. I am currently working as a Taxation Manager for an international company. I am very passionate about Assyrian Aid Society. With my academic qualification and professional skills, I feel I can contribute to AAS and to my people in Iraq.

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  • Nabil Shlemon (Core Committee Member)




  • Jonathan Adam (Core Committee Member)




  • Dawood Youel (Core Committee Member)

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq and arrived in Australia in 2009. Completed High School in Baghdad, followed by successfully completing diploma of Information Technology (Software Development) at TAFE Sydney Institute and currently studying bachelor of Computer Science at University of Sydney.
My goal is to help people in need.




  • Shony Alwin Toma (Core Committee Member)

I was born in Iraq grown up in Nineveh and graduated from high school, then my family moved to Baghdad and I have finished University and possess a Bachelor Degree in Science.
My family fleets Iraq in 1994 and we arrived Australia Sydney in 1995. I have graduate from University of Technology Sydney-UTS in 1999 and possess a Masters of Environmental Engineering Management; and working with a private consulting Engineers company in Sydney.
I have joined AAS recently in 2018 desiring helping our people in Iraq and to keep in touch with our home land to follow up their conditions and their suffering and trying our best for helping as much as we can by fundraising donations etc.