About us

What is The Assyrian Aid Society-Australia Incorporated?

The Assyrian Aid Society is a charitable organisation operating in six countries in four continents, namely the U.S.A, Great Britain, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand with its head office in Iraq. These organisations raise funds individually for the benefit of Assyrians living in Bet-Nahrain.

AAS-Au operates independently from its sister societies and is not aligned to any political or theological organisation. It is guided entirely by its constitution and the related decisions of its members.

Mission statement

To use all possible legal means to generate and acquire funds in terms of cash and assets to be used for the benefit of Assyrians in Bet-Nahrain. These contributions will ensure and sustain their self-sufficiency through creation and development of businesses, educational institutions, health, agricultural industries and social infrastructure.


  • To engage in fund raising activities by way of donations and other fund raising activities for the benefit of needy Assyrians in Bet-Nahrain.
  • The funds will be directed to the relief of poverty, the advancement of education, health, agriculture and any other purposes beneficial to the Assyrian community in Bet-Nahrain.
  • Establish community networks to support AAS-Au on a continuous basis.
  • Build a sustainable relationship with Assyrian organisations throughout Australia as a source of financial and social support.
  • Stimulate and encourage youth participation in community activities that will help the development of Assyrian Aid Society in the long term.

Who established The Assyrian Aid Society-Australia Incorporated?

Assyrian individuals with some knowledge of Assyrian Aid Societies in other countries established AAS-Au. These individuals, attracted to the concept and impressed with AAS-Au’s outstanding success in contributing to such a worthy cause, decided to establish one in Australia.

Members of the committee share the basic view that the Assyrian language and culture are very precious not only to the Assyrian community but also to the human race. In many respects our language and culture form the basis of the most advanced western societies in the world.

The membership of AAS-Au is limited to committee members who are not office bearers of any other charitable, political, religious or community organisation.

Operational Structure of the Committee

The committee is made up of 3 office bearers, being the president, secretary, and treasurer. Their powers and responsibilities are explained in the constitution. The committee has members residing in Sydney and in Melbourne.

The day-to-day operation of the committee is similar to a modern organisation where members are required to perform competently according to the position they have undertaken with full reporting procedures with every activity they undertake. The committee works as a team and are all dedicated to the long-term success of this worthy cause.

What is the legal structure of The Assyrian Aid Society-Australia Incorporated?

AAS-Au is a registered association with the Department of Fair Trading- New South Wales Australia consumer protection agency. For its constitution, it has largely adopted the guide provided by the department with some notable exceptions. AAS-Au is also a registered charitable organisation under the charitable Fundraising Act 1991 with the Department of Gaming and Racing- New South Wales Australia.

Assyrian Aid societies in other countries have different structures to suit the general and tax laws of their governments. For example The Assyrian Aid Society-America has a company structure with by-laws and company directors.

When drafting the constitution the committee included clauses that entitle AAS-Au to be tax exempt. Although an annual lodgement of accounts is required, a tax return is not applicable. An ABN has also been granted to AAS-Au.

Operational objectives

There are 2 main functions being the raising of funds and the allocating of funds explained hereunder:

• Raising of funds:

AAS-Au’s mission statement states, “To use all possible legal means to generate and acquire funds in terms of cash and assets”. Its primary objective is therefore the Assyrian community living in Australia and its secondary objective is the other charitable organisations and governments.

For the purpose of fund raising AAS-Au has divided this market into the following segments:

  • Income receiving individuals- AAS-Au attempts to reach everyone in this category to make a modest fixed monthly contribution
  • Assyrian religious, political and other community-based organisations- AAS-Au is working with these organisations with the aim of creating avenues of mutually beneficial arrangements
  • Assyrian-owned businesses- these businesses are usually targeted by a number of other charities and most do contribute. However AAS-Au is of the view that “charity begins at home”
  • Australian-based charities and governments- AAS-Au seeks advice and other material assistance from these bodies

• Allocation of funds:

  • The Assyrian Aid Society- Iraq (AAS-I) proposes fully-costed projects. These proposals are distributed to all the Assyrian Aid societies for selection. AAS-Au selects the project that it considers to be appropriate, taking into consideration all the issues concerned, such as urgency, size and the amount that is needed to be raised. Regular feedback from AAS-I is provided and the final result is then communicated to all the contributors of AAS-Au.
  • Funds are not sent to individuals or families but directly through the committee of AAS-I for project/s that have been selected by AAS-Au. This is AAS-Au’s main differentiation from other fund raising institutions.